Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The End of the Year-Long Road

I guess just too many clich├ęd motifs seek to describe the ups and downs of life. Roller-coasters, mirrors, glasses full and empty. Quiet rooms, crowded city streets, solitude and solace. All things you begin to consider when the best conversations you have on a normal basis are those with yourself. Or the worst, I’m not sure.

It’s always a sublime feeling, that little touch of destiny though. A calm before the storm or after the storm [a calm nonetheless] a time when we feel we are doing exactly what we were put on earth to do, despite everything we’ve done and everything that’s happened to us, the sins we’ve committed over the tears we’ve cried in the loneliest of loneness, the accomplishments we’ve labored for and the people who hurt, or were hurt by, us. All these things bring us to this moment.

People come and go, visit, stay, leave. Time stands still, flies right by to leave us in nothing but ourselves. But then there was a phonecall, and a smile. And then suddenly there were people who’s hands I needed to shake. And the subway’s earthy breeze flowing into the city, sky high.

And then a breath of fresh air, final, longing and blissfull.

I got a job. And nothing was in vain.

Current Music: Andy Davis
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