Monday, April 04, 2011

The Amateur & The Little Black Book

i stepped in line for a portfolio review at Wondercon
that went all the way down one hall and all the way down another
and didn't move for hours...
so i stepped out and trudged back into the main floor,
but before i got there, i stumbled into a breakout panel discussion..and it was Marvel
Joe Quesada, CB Cebulski and some creators in front of a crowd
and they were like, yeah, we're taking submissions at the Marvel booth
and i'm like, yeah right

i go to the Marvel booth
before i leave, disappointed i didn't get a portfolo review and i go up to CB Cebulski
i walk up to him and i shake his hand and was appreciative of the
panel discusssion, and i was like "may i submit my portfolio to the dropbox?"

soooo i say thank you and then before i handed it to him i was still all timid and
shy and was like "is there any way i can this back at the end of the day? its
expensive to make and i have one copy"

and he was like, welllll uhhhhhhh
"meh... let me see real quick, hand it over."

this guy's desk is where my artist heroes' work sat when they were hired for Marvel : /

soooo he takes one look
and he looks at me and he's like "stay right here..."
he walks over and motions the other people in line to fill out a sheet and put their portfolios right into a cardboard box
and he comes back over to me, and he's like "come on back, we're going to do your review right now."

he takes me back to a room behind the booth
and he opens it up, and page by page, he talks about the ups and downs of the work, what he really liked and what he thought i needed to work on
and he said "did i meet u in san diego last year? you're work's really familiar"
i'm like ,nope, never been

so he stopped and shut the book and he's like...
"i really like you're work don. early next week, i'll be back in NY, and we'll have a chat. here's my card."
hands it over and asks for mine. i'm like TAKE THEM ALL.

and he said once we talk, i'll send your info out to some editors at home and we'll talk about some test scripts for you to pencil out and see how you do."

i think i started vibrating in place.
and so late last night when i got home, i started practicing my pencils again
whatever happens happens
but its a fun story to tell
and if that's all that comes out of this

thats ok

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