Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Quiet, Not Silent

I don't usually take the time to comb through the words I've written;  I guess I operate under an assumption that once they leave my headspace, they have no business cramming themselves back in.  But in the solace of a soothing cup of jasmine and honey tea and with the sound of LaMontagne's myriad heartbreaks offering a backdrop to my journey down memory lane, I open up my journal and my heart, preparing to revisit the ghosts of my past.

I find three truths.  One, I was an angsty, confused, sad, angry, happy and curious... child.  Two, I will always be this.  And three, things will be ok, if not now, then in time.  Always.

I offer three gifts.  One, prayers for the losses as of late, as I feel too many souls have left the Earth in the very recent past.  Two, more words written and much more often, to tell of things I experience, as I feel that knowing other's stories are important to the human condition and the development of a broader sensibility.  And three, to call home more.

I set three goals.  One, to find my faith in things again.  Two, under-promise and over-deliver.  And three, to tell you 'I love you,' and to accept that expecting it in return is something I have earned and am entitled to.

The crisp San Francisco evening offers a quiet ambience to write these words, as the pugs snore in unison upon the bed, beckoning me to join.  I think I will, because there is nothing better in the world than to sleep in a pile of pugs after saying hello to your past.

Earth-Shattering Revelation #33: Too many things live in our head, all the time.  And this is the way thing have always been.

Current Music: JT's "Mirrors" & Rihanna's "Stay