Friday, June 23, 2017

The Hand We're Dealt

It’s been three and half years since I came to terms; three and a half humbling and amazing years of catching up with myself, in ways both positive and negative, but important and necessary just the same. Everyone’s story is different. And some stories, unfortunately, may never be told, thanks to a great many people in this country (and world) who will never understand that they don’t get to govern the lives of others or persecute them for their philosophies, genetics or upbringing. We know some of these close-minded people personally and some unfortunately hold high positions of power.  I fear that this dangerous aspect of free thought will always be at play in our global society.
Pride is about something different for everyone: it’s about celebrating the fact that it can be. It is NOT only about sexual preference. It is about acceptance and tolerance. It is about unconditional love. It's about identity and really knowing ourselves, but equally important and often forgotten, understanding one another.
It’s about the very freedom in our humanity.
It’s about a great many other things that don’t come up for me, because elsewhere, someone is celebrating in other ways for other things I couldn't fathom because I wasn't dealt their hand in life. That rainbow flag is hoisted as a reminder that we’ll “keep fighting for a world that fears and hates us.” And for the rest of the world already enlightened enough to understand that there are bigger things to worry about and deserve our attention than who you get to love, thank you for your support and rare emotional intelligence.
Happy Pride Month everyone, Happy Pride Weekend San Francisco, and please be safe!
Love to all.

Earth-Shattering Revelation #35: Abandon the comforts of trying to be who you want to be, and embrace the danger in risking becoming who you really are.

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